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How To Cure PCOS Permanently In A Quick Way

POCS has an immensely bad impact on women’s lives. We need to find a way to cure PCOS permanently and instantly by the most optimal way. This article tells you how to do it! Let’s have a look.

What is PCOS?

PCOS is the abbreviation of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which is one of the most common hormonal disorders that affect a majority of woman. The root cause of this problem remains unknown. However, environmental and genetic factors are one of the several elements cause not only female infertility but also a variety of symptoms affecting both physical and mental health. Although we can’t cure PCOS quickly and completely nowadays, there are a lot of treatments that can reduce the phenomenon of this illness.

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What can be the phenomenon of PCOS?

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PCOS’s symptoms are different from patients to patients. It depends on the patient’s physical and mental health. Many reasons can lead to some signs so that PCOS might be not identified in some cases.

If some of these signs occurred to you, you should check up and see the doctor carefully:

  • Weight gain: this is hard to handle this effect of PCOS.
  • Fatigue: the patients can be fatigue and become low energy. The reasons might be interrupted sleep or stay up late might.
  • Unwanted growth of hair: face, back, chest, arms, abdomen, thumbs, and toes are regions that affected by hair growth.
  • Hair is thin: if the patients are in the mid-age, they can surf this phenomenon.
  • Infertility: it is true that PCOS is the most imminent factor causing infertility. Since it quite varies depends on patients, the way to solve this can be different. For example, some women can conceive in a natural way while the others need some special treatments.
  • Acne: PCOS affects on Hormone so that it lead to acne rub. The incremental of skin’s patches or skin’s tags has some connections to PCOS.
  • Mood changes: depression, tired, swings, and heavily anxiety are three of some mood can happen while having PCOS.
  • Pelvic pain: when the women in her period, they can feel pain in pelvic together with badly bleeding. Some patients do not experience bleeding.
  • Headaches: prompt headaches often occur.
  • Sleep problems: insomnia or interrupted sleep is common in patients. PCOS has some connection to sleep apnea, which is a kind of sleep disorder. While undergoing sleep apnea, people might stop breathing for a small amount of time. It can be dangerous.

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Complications of PCOS

It is difficult to experience all above symptoms, but several people might experience extensive troubles, including:

  • Elevated insulin levels (dangerous), diabetes (normal), or insulin resistance
  • Blood vessel and heart problems
  • Cancer of Uterine

Oh no!! Are you afraid of PCOS? YES, I AM.

How about you?Don’t worry! Here is a list of treatments:

PCOS Treatments

People usually choose treatment methods based on their ages, symptoms, and future pregnancy plans. Several treatments for PCOS are listed below:

  • Insulin-sensitizing medications
  • Hair loss treatments
  • Acne treatments
  • Regulate menstruation using birth control pills
  • Blocking androgen medications
  • Using ovulation induction to treat infertility
  • Topical preventing growing hair medications
  • Removal of other skin problems

Here is a list of specific advice:

  • Excess hair treatments: Though drugs hinder levels are not officially approved by FDA for PCOS treatment, they are another common treatment used for PCOS. Excess hair phenomenon is improved much by turning down the levels of androgen. The commonly used drug is spironolactone which is the anti-androgen.

To control hair from excessing, spironolactone is used to treat patients. It takes a long period – a half year to reveal the effect of this method. People use from lower dose to a higher one. As a result, the hair becomes smaller and lighter. The other advantage of this way is the improvement of the tagged skin. However, it is not intended to help people with losing hair problem because it is not easy to solve.

  • Sleep apnea: If you suspect a sleep problem, you should talk to your doctor. In order to diagnose sleep apnea and other sleep disorders, a sleep study is a test used. During the test, the activity of your brain, heart, and lungs are monitored when you sleep. Treatment method for sleep apnea like CPAP can solve the problem of sleep disorder. It will help you get better sleep and better health.
  • Bloating: Many women with PCOS have problems with bloating. Certain foods sometimes aggravate this problem. The list of possible food culprits is varied, but it includes foods that contain a carbohydrate called raffinose. Because some people cannot digest carb well, they might increase gas production. Some specific foods in this group like broccoli, beans, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, cauliflower, and cabbage.

If you are lactose intolerant, foods like certain whole grains, fruits, carbonated drinks, and products containing artificial sweeteners can cause bloating include dairy products.

To identify foods and drinks which are bothering you, keeping track of them is a good idea so that you can limit or avoid them later. The PCOS tracker can help you do that.

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These are several tutorials to treat this disease:

  • Using nature treatments:
  • Tips diet for PCOS:
  • Foods to avoid:

Best quick treatments: Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is one of the best treatments for PCOS. It is important to have a healthy diet which has a low level of carbohydrates because this can help regulate blood sugar levels. Doing exercise can assist the internal to regulate insulin. People with PCOS usually find challenging to lose weight but doing so can assist to reduce the male hormone levels in the body, and some women will start to ovulate naturally. To relief from obesity condition and the overwhelming health problems PCOS can cause, I advise you to have a proper diagnosis, lifestyle changes, and PCOS treatment. It is a quick and friendly method to solve this disease.

HOLA!! We have a quick remedy!!

I hope this can cure the phenomenon of PCOS quickly. I tried all the methods explained in this article and they help me to revive in a short time.

Do you have other methods that can cure PCOS instantly?

What are your experiences while solving this problem?

Did you find the video helpful?

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