How To Make Pear Baby Food With Various Recipes |

How To Make Pear Baby Food With Various Recipes

Pear is a healthy fruit that you can combine with a myriad of different ingredients in order to make a nourishing food for babies. Don’t forget to consult the pediatrician before introducing any new food to babies yours. There are many recipes using pear as a finger food. Let’s learn right now!

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In What Way Can You Make Pear Baby Food with Many Different Recipes?

The Way to Prepare Pear Baby Food

Before we learn the recipes related to pears, it is necessary to know how to prepare pears for baby food.

Most recipes related to pears require peeling. Luckily, this process is not difficult. Have you ever peeled a pear? No problem, let’s consider the following guidelines.

1. You can use a potato peeler or any peelers. Then, it starts peeling pears from the top to the bottom.

2. An apple corer is also the next tool to remove the core of the pears, by stabbing it via the central position of the pear. It should start from the top after exiting out the bottom – it remembers center of the pear.

3. To remove the peel at the edge of the bottom, it is necessary to utilize a knife.

In general, the corer is a useful tool for parents need to prepare a large amount of food with pears. It makes your task easier.

For the time being, you have the peeled pears to utilize for baby food, right? Well, continuously, we will consider some of the healthy recipes related to it. Go! Go! Go!

Some Nutritional Pear Recipes for Babies

#1 – Simple pear puree

This recipe consists of simple ingredients and the quick preparation, but the result is tasty.

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What you need:.

  • 4 pears are peeled, cubed, and cored.


1. It steams the pears until soften ~ ten minutes after leaving to cool.

2. It takes the steamed pieces of pear and purees them in a blender as long as you recognize that they get consistency.

3. It can serve right away unless you likely refrigerate it and you have 3 days to use.

*Bonus: Apart from pears, you can also add the second ingredient such as bananas, mango peach, avocados, blueberries, apples, formula, or breast milk. It’s okay!

#2 – Vanilla baked pear

Pears will bring the natural sweetness when baking. For this recipe, cinnamon is used as an extra ingredient, but it is probably some babies don’t love this flavor. In this case, you must ensure your baby without hating it. Nonetheless, you can also replace another ingredient if the babies don’t like.

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What you need:.

  • 4 pears are halved and cored
  • One vanilla seed bean pod (removed seeds and halved bean)
  • Cinnamon ~ 1 pinch (optional)


1. It sets the oven up 350 degrees F.

2. ​It puts face down on the rack or plate.

3. ​It bakes in the oven until fully golden ~ 25 minutes.

4. It leaves these pears to cool after using your hands to remove their peels.

5. ​It adds the cinnamon, vanilla, and baked pears and blended them together until smoothed.

6. ​It serves immediately or you can also refrigerate (the use time for three days) or freeze (for 3 months).

#3 – Baked pear baby mash

This is considered as a variation of the recipe above. It is actually an ideal finger food for babies when mashed.

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What you need:.

  • 4 pears are peeled, cored, and quartered


1. It sets your oven up to 350 degrees F

​2. It puts the pears on the rack or plate and adds water ~ one inch.

3. ​It bakes them until soften ~ 25 minutes.

4. ​It leaves them to cool after pureeing them with your blender.

*Bonus: You can add 3 baked bananas (baked) to this recipe. This one contributes to increasing the sweetness and creaminess for baby food.

#4 – Pear & avocado baby popsicles

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What you need:.

  • 2 pears are cored and peeled
  • 2 avocados are peeled and pitted


1. It combines both ingredients in your blender and purees until smoothed.

2. If you recognize that sweetness is not enough, you can add a little apple juice to blend together.

3. It pours that mixture into the moulds and freezes.

*Bonus: Instead of freezing, you can also serve it as a baby food puree.

#5 – Pear & green baby puree

Now, let’s try combining fruit with vegetables in this recipe. It is certain that your love baby will like it.

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What you need:.

  • One pear is peeled and cored
  • Two cups of green beans
  • ½ cup of peas


1. It steams peas and green beans until soften. Then, it places aside.

2. ​It adds all the ingredients in your blender after pureeing until smoothed.

3. ​It serves right away or refrigerates/ freezes, depending on your need.

#6 – Pear & broccoli

The combination of veggies and fruits is often delicious.

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What you need:.

  • One pear is peeled and cored
  • ¼ chopped head broccoli


1. Broccoli is steamed until soften. Then, let’s put it aside.

2. ​It purees all the ingredients in the blenders until getting the desired consistency.

​3. You can serve right away or store in your fridge/ freezer.

*Bonus: If you want to increase the nutrients for this recipe, you can also add the ¼ head of small cauliflower to steam with the prepared broccoli.

With these recipes, it hopes that mothers will be able to prepare the delicious and healthy foods for your love babies.
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