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How to Sleep Well during Your Pregnancy

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It is a common scenario that a pregnant mother always feels uncomfortable and usually she finds it difficult to have a sound sleep. With a baby inside, if you cannot sleep well, you can hardly avail the energy to get yourself prepared for the upcoming motherhood. Women who are expecting eagerly seek for some tips so that they can avoid those restless nights and have a sound sleep.

Today I am going to provide you some tips and techniques which will reduce the discomfort of the expecting woman and help her to have a sound sleep.

Sleep Well during Your Pregnancy:

1. Regular Physical Exercise:

Regular physical exercise will help you to have a sound sleep. Keep in mind that, the exercise should be prescribed by your doctor and he will give you proper workouts according to your physical condition. Usually walking, normal yoga and slow swimming are prescribed for pregnant women.

1 - How To Sleep Well During Pregnancy

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2. After Dinner Activities:

Do not go to bed just after the dinner. You can engage yourself in some incorporate activities like reading, writing, listening to soft music can increase your relaxation. You can also ask your spouse to give some massage in your body which will help you to fall asleep.

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3. Unplug Your TV and PC:

The continuous motion on the screen is stimulating for your brain. It will increase the activity of your brain wave and keep it busy. Turn off the screen of your TV and PC about one hour ago going to the bed.

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4. Use Pillows To Have Maximum Comfort:

Use as many pillow you need to create a relaxing bed atmosphere. If you have the symptoms of heartburn or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), you should use pillows to lift your upper body to have a more comfortable position. Use pillows where it is required. A pillow in between your legs, behind your back, under your belly may allow you some comfort which will aid you to have a deep sleep.

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5. Rotate Your Sides:

According to medical science, sleeping on your left is beneficial for the mother and the baby. But it is pretty impractical to sleep on your left for the whole night. Do not hesitate if you feel uncomfortable on your left, rotate and lay on your right. Avoid sleeping on your back as it is not certified.

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6. Cool Temperature:

Several studies prove that the potential temperature for a good and deep sleep is between 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower the temperature of your room. You can lower the thermostat or open the window. Using blanket in this condition will regulate your body temperature and you will have a deep sleep.

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7. A Little Snack Will Be Helpful:

It is recommended to complete your dinner at least one hour before going to bed. Before sleeping, you can take a little snack which will maintain your blood sugar level. You can take a warm glass of milk or a nutrient rick snack.

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8. Do Not Drink Too Much After Evening:

You can drink as much water as you need in day time, but you should reduce your fluid consumption after evening, especially after 7pm. If you drink a lot, you have to visit the restroom for several times, which will surely hinder your sleep.

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9. Proper Diet:

Avoid spicy and fried product. Try to eat natural and healthy items like fruits, vegetables, etc. Oily food will trigger you gastrointestinal problems and increase acid reflux. Food cooked will low fat oil and natural element will keep your body cool and relaxed.

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10. Share Yourself:

An expecting mother has to undergo a lot of hormonal changes. Sometime she might feel happy, but after a while she might be angry or anxious. The change of mood may also hamper her sleeping. So, as an expecting mom, you should open yourself, talk with your spouse or any other family member and share your problems. Open your thoughts to your partner; it will give you a great relaxation on your mind.

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Do not be worried about anything. Your partner along with the whole family is available there for your service. Be open to them, share yourself with them. Follow the above mentioned technique and you will avail a deep sound sleep like a baby.

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