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How to Teach Your Infant To Take A Bottle

Usually a newborn baby drinks breast milk for a long time and gets habituated to it. So, when a mother wants to wean the baby and transition from breast milk, it takes some time and patience. As the baby is used to his mothers breast, any other method made him pretty uncomfortable and make the situation fussy.

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Physicians recommend to follow several steps if you want to substitute the bottle. First of all, gradually decrease the amount of breastfeeding and give him/her bottle when he/she is hungry. He/she may not take the bottle for the first time, but do not worry. He/she will be used to it by time; all you need is patience and some smooth technique.

Teach Your Infant To Take A Bottle:

1. Do Not Switch Immediately:

It is a common scenario that, some mother suddenly stops breast feeding and provide bottle to the infant instead which lead into a devastating situation. Do not ditch him/her from breastfeeding completely. Every day a baby needs to be fed in every 1 or 2 hours. Swap bottle feeding instead of breastfeeding in one meal of the baby and continue it for a few days. Thus the baby will get the time to adjust with the new feeding method. You can also let him taste the bottle after the regular meal. Gradually weaning the baby will allow you and the baby enough time to adjust the new situation. You will learn how to feed with the bottle and the position as well. As the period increase gradually, it will not lead to breast engorgement. A baby becomes fussy when he is hungry. You can provide him the bottle and let him adjust with it when he is not hungry and annoyed.

1 - How to Teach Your Infant To Take A Bottle

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2. Your Spouse Can Play A Vital Role:

A baby who is used to breastfeeding will not take the bottle very easily. He is used to breastfeeding from you. When you put a bottle in his mouth, surely he will be very confused and will refuse the bottle and search for your breasts. In such case, ask your spouse or other family member to take over this time and continue the bottle feeding system. Thus, your baby will be used to this method and after a while, you can again take over the bottle feeding system.

Your Spouse Can Play A Vital Role

3. Pick The Appropriate Nipple Size:

You can see that there is a number of brands and sizes of nipple are available in the market. Make sure you are using the nipple in the bottle your baby is most comfortable with. There are different categories of nipple, slow, medium and fast. Make sure the flow is perfect according to your baby’s requirement. If he struggles to get the formula or breast milk out of the bottle, maybe you should look for a next size nipple. If the baby gags, that means there is too much flow to handle for him and replace with a slower flow nipple. You should apply different size nipple to find out the most comfortable match for the baby. If the baby gets comfortable with the nipple, it will ease your mission to get him habituated with the bottle. Continue this testing from long time ago so that you can use the appropriate size when you need to wean the baby.

3 - How to Teach Your Infant To Take A Bottle

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4. Stay Away For A While:

The baby came from your womb definitely know how you smell. If he realizes that you are around, surely he will want your nursing leaving everything behind in the world. In your lap, the baby will look for your breast, not the bottle. For the first few days, you can leave the room when the bottle feeding takes place and let any other family member handle it. When the baby will not get your nursing, he will take the bottle by himself.

4 - How to Teach Your Infant To Take A Bottle

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5. Allow Some Room:

The baby, who is used to breastfeeding, may get confused with the plastic element in front of him. He may not know what to do with this and how to do. Allow some time and let him play with the bottle so he can get used to it. He will gradually explore the nipple and will start sucking into it. And thus, your mission will be successful.

5 - How to Teach Your Infant To Take A Bottle

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At the beginning, the smell of the bottle and the taste of the nipple will be unfamiliar to the infant and surely he will protest against it. You can dip the nipple with your breast milk. Thus, the smell and taste will be familiar to the baby and he will accept it easily.

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