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How to Install quick release Wheels on your stroller

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Consider, you are walking in the park with your child in the baby stroller or you came far away from the home and suddenly the wheel of the stroller is vibrating and not rolling smoothly. Sometimes it may directly come out of the fork and cause some serious trouble. Surely, at that moment you will look for a handyman to solve this issue. Why depend on other if you can do this simple job all by yourself? Installing a quick release wheel in the stroller is very easy job to do if you know the step but step process. Interested? Let’s get it done. Every step I described has also been shown in the image for your better understanding.

Keep in mind that this process will be applicable if your stroller is bob stroller CE, SE and Stroller Stride Swivel Wheel Stroller.


Why Quick Release Installation Is So Important?

If the quick release of the wheel is not installed properly, you will not get a smooth performance from your stroller. The wheel as well as the stroller will vibrate in the motion which will be uncomfortable for your baby. But, the most important factor is, the wheels can detach from the stroller at any time, which may lead to some serious injury.

How to Install/Adjust Quick Release Wheels?

Learn About Secondary Wheel Retention Device:

These devices are situated on the fork dropouts. The stroller front wheel fork is designed with these devices to ensure that the wheel will not come out if the quick release becomes loose or incorrectly adjusted.

Learn About Secondary Wheel Retention Device-Quick Release Wheels

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If your wheel becomes loose, wild and vibrating, adjust the wheel before it breaks the retention barrier and come out. Do not think the secondary retention device as a substitute of your quick release; it is just a simple backup system.

Let’s Begin The Wheel Installation:

1. Before starting this operation, make sure the parking brakes are engaged, which will keep the stroller in its place.

Parking Brake-Quick Release Wheels

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2. Lock the front wheel swivel knob. It is the red button knob situated right over the forks.

1 2-Quick Release Wheels

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3. Rotate the fork and after a half rotation it will lock. Make sure the fork and the stroller is in a steady position.

1 3-Quick Release Wheels

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4. Rotate the quick release lever in such a way that it goes away from the wheel. The word open will be visible in quick release clam lever.

1 4-Quick Release Wheels

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5. Now you are holding the two edges of the quick release lever in front your baby stroller’s front wheel fork drop outs. Just nudge the wheel axle rods into the fork dropouts until it fully get placed. Make sure the wheel is centered left to right. If the axle is placed properly, you can concentrate in quick release.

1 5-Quick Release Wheels

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Adjust The Quick Release:

1. Hold the quick release cam lever in your right hand in fully opened position. Use your left hand to tighten the tension adjusting knot on the opposite side of the axle. After a while, the knot will be finger tight that you cannot twist it any more.

2 1-Quick Release Wheels

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2. The cam lever will remain stationary all the time you are twisting the tension adjusting knot.

2 2-Quick Release Wheels

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3. To close the quick release, first flip the quick release cam lever upward and downward and use your left hand to adjust the tightening knob. Continue this process until you feel some resistance in the lever.

2 3-Quick Release Wheels

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4. Keep the clam lever in your palm and finger around the fork, push the lever towards the fork into fully closed position.

2 4-Quick Release Wheels

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5. The scratched mark CLOSE will be visible on the lever. The quick release clam lever will be parallel to the fork now.

2 5-Quick Release Wheels

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6. To close the quick release properly, it requires a great amount of pressure. After closing a quick release, it will leave a mark on your palm.

2 6-Quick Release Wheels

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That’s all about installing a wheel or adjusting a quick release of your baby stroller. If you learn such little techniques, surely you can overcome such embarrassing situation in any place. Again, you may not have to run after stroller technicians for such tunings. Make sure the wheels of your baby stroller are properly adjusted before you go out for a walk.

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