Jogging Stroller tires – Things you should concern |

Jogging Stroller tires – Things you should concern

In this ultra modern era, people hardly find the time slot for physical exercise such as playing, running or hitting the gym. It becomes tougher for the parents who have their little infant growing. Some of them wish to go for a walk or jog, but due the responsibilities of their toddler, they cannot make it. Considering their situation, a new kind of baby stroller has been designed entitled as “Jogging Stroller”.

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What’s The Difference?

Jogging stroller has a unique feature that makes it different from the other regular baby strollers. The amazing feature is its wheel radius. A jogging stroller is a three wheel stroller designed with the wheel of minimum 8”. Generally the wheel size varies from 8” to 20”. All the jogging strollers are capable of providing you a quality time with your baby and some sweating as well.

Whats the difference

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Why Not Regular Strollers?

Jogging stroller is developed from the design of regular stroller considering the special situations. Regular strollers are safe and smooth, but they are not designed to handle actual running or jogging condition. If you want to go for a run or jog with your baby, you must have a specially designed jogging stroller. The conventional baby stroller has small wheels which is completely unable to handle the jerking or bouncy situation. It will be harmful for your baby and can be dangerous at any time. Again the small wheels are unable to relive the ups and downs and ease the jerking. When you are using a jogging stroller, its large wheel will allow you to have less suspension in the uneven surfaces as well as smooth surfaces.

Why Not Regular Strollers

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Which Jogging Stroller Should I Buy?

Different jogging strollers are appropriate for different functions. The strollers come with various size, shape for each condition. If you are a regular and fast jogger, you should go for a heavy duty metal body. The wheel should be larger, 20” will be better. The stroller should have a very good suspension system. Overall protection and dirt reflector should be present for the safety of your baby and the stroller as well. If you are an occasional jogger or want to go out for an evening walk with your toddler, you should go for the stroller with 16” wheel or so on. It will be lighter, less expensive and easy to access for you. So, we can agree at the point that, the main manipulating factor of a jogging stroller is its wheel and tire.

Why Jogging Stroller’s Tire Is So Important?

The tires of a jogging stroller are pneumatic (Air filler). The rear tires are usually 8” to 16” and the front tires are usually 6” to 12”.  These tires are just like the bicycle tires with a tube inside, which are inflated with air. The thickness, design and quality of the tires vary from stroller to stroller just like a bicycle. The better tire provides you the better maneuver and less stress to handle it. Similarly the small tire strollers require more attention and pressure to control.

Why Jogging Stroller’s Tire Is So Important

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The large air filled tire not only reduce the bump and shock of the unsmooth road, but also rolls over the obstruction very easily and require less pushing effort. Here is the uniqueness of the jogging stroller tires. The traditional strollers have small plastic wheels which can neither absorb the shock nor roll over obstacle or uneven terrain easily.

Before buying a jogging stroller, make sure how you are going to implement it. A heavy metal 20” wheel stroller will be a burden to a walker again a lightweight 16” wheel stroller may be dangerous for a dedicated runner. Find out your requirement, keep an eye on the size of the tire size and you can simply understand whether the jogging stroller is suitable for you or not.

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