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Pram and Stroller Safety tips

Prams and strollers are the most desired items for the parents who want to go out for a walk, shopping or daily chores with their baby. A stroller is a much easier version to carry your baby and always keep the child under your supervision. A stroller is also safe, comfortable for your baby and easy to access. To make the best use of your baby stroller, you should be aware of the safety measures and precautions while using the strollers.

Featured- Pram And Stroller Safety Tip

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Safety Precautions While Using The Pram or Stroller:

Well, we all want the best piece of product in the market for our baby. But we forget that, safety is the most important factor in this case. An eye-catching stroller will be valueless if it cannot provide sufficient safety measures for your kid. Again, you have to be conscious every single moment with your baby stroller. Otherwise, a gentle walk with your baby may lead into some devastated situation. As the baby strollers are very smooth and move very easily, an unattended situation may turn into the worst scenario.

Learn About The Safety Standard:

It’s mandatory for the manufacturer and the retailers to follow and maintain the safety standard of each and every baby stroller. There are three key safety features for every baby stroller:

  • A Restraint Harness – To carry the child.
  • Parking Brake – Always colored red.
  • A Tether Strap – To control the stroller.
Safety Precautions While Using The Pram or Stroller

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These are the basic safety features of a stroller. These features cannot save your kid until you use them properly and every time.

1. Use The Safety Harness:

Do not neglect safety harness of the stroller. Using the safety harness makes sure that your baby cannot go out of the stroller. It is very important because a little older child tends to crawl or walk away, which can lead to a serious incident. Please, do not skip the harness straps even though you are in a rush.

1- Pram And Stroller Safety Tip

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Primarily you may feel that using the harness is useless, but it plays a vital role for the security of your baby whether you are moving or standing with the stroller. Be habituated with the harness. Make sure it is strapped properly. Thus, your baby will remain safe in the stroller. Otherwise, it will be only a matter of time that your kid will climb or crawl out of the stroller.

2. Apply Parking Brake Every Time:

Always keep your hands on the stroller when your kid is in it. You can be distracted by any surrounding incident very easily and leave your hand off the stroller. As soon as you leave the stroller, it may roll into some major tragedy. Such scenario can take place only if you are not aware of parking brakes of the stroller.

2- Pram And Stroller Safety Tip

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According to standard rules, parking brakes should be red colored to be more visible. You should train yourself in such that you engage those brakes as soon as you stop moving. No matter what you are doing, having a glance at the display or posting a letter in the box, please apply the brakes every time even if it is only for a 10 seconds window. As the strollers require very less power to roll, an unattended moment can cause severe damage. That is why, it is really important to use those brakes for the safety of your kids.

3. Do Not Forget the Tether Strap:

While using the stroller specially when you are running with a jogging stroller, you may get injured or sweating palm may lessen the control over the stroller. In these cases, a simple technique can save you from a huge accident. Use a tether strap each and every time you handle the stroller.

3- Pram And Stroller Safety Tip

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A tether strap is most effective as well as very easy to sustain your control over the stroller in any kind of unexpected situations. If your stroller does not have a tether strap, you can easily buy and install separately.

4. Additional Safety Tips:

a) 80% of the stroller accident are caused due to the overloading of shopping bags and packs at the handle of the stroller. Keep in mind that, you have adequate space at the bottom of the stroller under the baby seat to store our bags and packs. If you load too much on the handle at the rear, the stability will be offended and the stroller may tilted backwards. Use the space under the seat of the baby. It will eliminate the possibility of tilting as well as increase the balance of the pram or stroller.

4 a- Pram And Stroller Safety Tip

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b) Folding a stroller is a job for the adults. Keep your baby away from the stroller and then fold it. Otherwise, his/her little finger may trap in any mechanism.

4 b- Pram And Stroller Safety Tip

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You do not have to go too far to ensure safety of your baby in the baby stroller. It’s very simple and your précised attention to the fact is sufficient enough to make it happen. Use the harness every time you put the baby in the pram or the stroller. Engage the parking brake as soon as you stop moving. Use the tether strap when you are in motion or the parking brake is not engaged. Keep in mind that, the stroller handle is not a place for hanging your shopping bags. Finally, Never ever leave your infant unattended. Follow the instruction, maintain the standard safety measures and have a safe ride with your kid.

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