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Safety tips while using Baby Stroller

Nowadays a baby stroller becomes a part and parcel of the everyday life of the parents. A baby stroller allows your child a more comfortable atmosphere as well as makes it easy to carry your baby. Strollers have different designs and features. Among those, one feature is always common and adequate, which is “Safety Feature”.

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It is often located that, parents are buying the stroller, but due to lack of knowledge or instruction, they can not imply all the safety measures in the stroller. Without proper attention to this factor, you may endanger the safety and security of your little infant. Today I am going to provide you some tips to secure the journey with your child in the baby stroller.

Safety Tips For Using Your Baby Stroller:

1. Lock The Stroller Before Let Your Baby In:

A stroller usually stored in folding position. You have to unfold and lock it before using. As you are frequently folding and unfolding it, the stroller may have a tendency to fold back if it is not perfectly locked. So, make sure you have locked the stroller before you are letting your baby in the stroller.

1- Stroller Safety Tips

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2. Use All The Stroller Safety Straps:

A baby stroller comes with different safety straps to ensure the highest protection for your baby. Parent used to leave a few straps unused in a hurry. Keep in mind that your baby’s life is more important than your work. Imply all the straps in the stroller. Most of the baby strollers have a 5 point harness that covers the baby’s shoulder. Lock the strap around your baby’s waist so that he/she cannot stand in the stroller while moving. Another strap goes in between the baby’s legs to prevent him/her from sleeping down from the seat of the stroller.

2- Stroller Safety Tips

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3. Straps Should Be Locked Properly:

A gentle click will ensure that all the straps are locked perfectly. Make sure that you have heard every click of the straps before you take off.

3- Stroller Safety Tips

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4. Lock The Stroller Brakes Before Leaving It Alone:

Baby strollers have brakes at the rear which can be engaged to lock the position of your stroller. Many incidents happed due to the negligence of this feature. If you want to stop in the shop, post a letter, meet an old friend or open your car door lock the rear brakes before you put your hands off the stroller. It is very easy to engage by the flick of your leg and make your stroller steady at that position.

4- Stroller Safety Tips

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5. Don’t Hang Anything At The Back: 

It is a very common scenario that people are hanging some packages at the end of the stroller specially when parents are shopping with their baby stroller. It is very tempting, but at the same time it reduces the stability of the stroller which may endanger the safety of your baby. If you overload any item at the rear, the stroller may tilt backward. Never put any item at the rear or on the handle of the stroller. Instead, you can use the basket at the bottom of the stroller under the baby’s seat. Here is plenty of space to allocate all your goods as well as it will increase the stability of the stroller.

5- Stroller Safety Tips

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6. Keep Your Child Away While Folding The Stroller:

When you reach home, open all the straps and take your baby off the stroller. Do not fold the stroller in a close proximity of the baby. Your baby may subconsciously move his/her hands and a little finger may get hurt or trapped in the stroller’s mechanism. Keep your baby away, and then start unfolding the stroller.

6- Stroller Safety Tips

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A little consciousness and attention in your baby stroller may eradicate many hazardous incidents. Most of the unpleasant occurrence takes place due to the lack of awareness about the safety tips while using the baby stroller. Do not let your stroller go away from your hand without engaging the brakes. Fold and unfold the stroller carefully. Most importantly, do not leave any straps unattended because every strap is equally important for the safety and comfort of your baby.  Follow all the tips mentioned above and have a safe and enjoyable hang out with your child.

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