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Swivel Or Fixed Front Wheel – Which Jogging Stroller You Should Buy?

The main feature of a jogging stroller is to ease the physical exercise for the newborn parents with their infants. So, a jogging stroller must be very user-friendly and easy to control. If you do not feel comfortable and safe while running, walking or jogging with the stroller, then the main purpose of a jogging stroller will slip. So, it’s important that you can maneuver the stroller very easily and in that case, the front wheel of the stroller plays a very important role.

Swivel Or Fixed Front Wheel

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Fixed Front Wheel Or Swivel Front Wheel:

You may find it very difficult to pick up between fixed and swivel front wheel stroller. Which one should you buy? Well, two different front wheels have two different features and flaws. So, you have to determine your requirement and find out the one which will serve you most.

Fixed Front Wheel:

If you are a serious runner or swift jogger, fixed front wheel jogging stroller will be best for you. These kinds of strollers always track towards the way because of the running momentum and straight course. Again, these strollers are capable of rolling over different kind of surfaces like grass and uneven paths. As the front wheel is fixed and the track is steady forward, such surfaces cannot cause much trouble to the jogger or the baby inside. When there is a gentle bend on the road, it is recommended to lift the front wheel a little bit by pressing the handlebar downwards and change the course. You do not have to worry about it, after a while you will adjust it.

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source by: www.egokick.com

There is a common objection about fixed front wheel jogging strollers that they are very difficult to maneuver. You have to keep in mind that fixed front wheel strollers are dedicated to the fast runner in a gently curved path and different trails. It is not suitable to walk along the busy, densely city roads with a sharp angle. Off road hikers and trail runners like the fixed front wheel stroller because they have great stability and minimize the vibration as well as bouncing on the road. As you are running in the off roads, if the stroller cannot minimize the jerking and shaking, it may not be a good experience for your child.

Fixed Front Wheel 2

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Swivel Front Wheel:

If you want to take out your kid for a gentle walk in the park or in the city rather than serious running, you should pick up a swivel front wheel jogging stroller. As you are walking in the busy road or in the park, you may need to navigate in a very small place, dodge different hindrance in the path and sometimes you need to take sharp 90 degrees to 180-degree corner. A swivel front wheel will allow you much control in navigating the stroller. As you are walking, you can use your speed as well as momentum effectively on the swiveling wheel to change the course.

Swivel Front Wheel

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Please keep in mind that, if you want to run, jog or even an active and fast walker, swivel wheel stroller is not a good fit for you. According to the experts, a swivel front wheel is less stable than a fixed wheel. It tends to change the direction and create more vibration. As the wheel doesn’t follow a straight course, it can be out of your control if you are running at a good speed. In an uneven or a rough surface, a swivel front wheel can quickly roll over, which will be difficult for you to manage in a jogging momentum.

Swivel Front Wheel 2

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Fixed or Swivel, Which One Should You Buy?

As I said earlier, fix your intention with the stroller. If you want to go for a regular jog and run, buy the fixed front wheel. Want to have a walk and quality time in the park with the baby? You can buy a swivel front wheel.

There is a third opportunity for you to have a stroller capable of performing both duties. You can buy the swivel front wheel stroller which has the front wheel lock feature. Thus, you can turn your swivel front wheel into fixed at any time.

Fixed or Swivel, Which One Should You Buy

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Again, swivel front wheel stroller with locking front wheels is not suitable for serious runners and off trail lovers. But, it has better performance and more flexibility. These strollers are easy to roll and turn the wheel unlocked. Again, it can meet the requirement of regular active walkers and joggers. Consumers find it more beneficial for walking, shopping, roaming around the city and moderate jogging.

The fixed front wheel is the perfect choice for the serious joggers in a good speed and off road enthusiastic, but it will not allow you a good maneuver system in busy roads and sharp corners. Swivel front wheel will be very easy to maneuver, but you cannot go for hard-core running or off trail jogging. Swivel front wheel with fix lock will cut you a slack in running faster and also provide you good control. Make sure what actually you want and which stroller will serve you the best. Thus, you can pick the perfect stroller for you.

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