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Teaching Kids to Eat Healthy: Lessons from Valya Boutenko

Your child will need to learn how to eat healthy at a tender age. Eating habits tend to develop while the child is still a baby or a toddler, and whether or not they are healthy depends on your guidance for the most part.

It can be a pain to give children vegetables sometimes

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Teaching kids how to eat healthy can be a pain, especially since children tend to eat in a picky manner, choosing only a certain preferred type of food and ignoring everything else. This is perfectly normal for children, and not something that you should be stressed out at all. It is advised that you should not force your way into getting your children to eat healthy food, as this will only cause them to struggle and end up with a negative view of the food and habits that you are forcing upon them.

This does not mean that you should just give up and leave your child to their own devices. While giving them a healthy amount of freedom to experiment with their food preferences and getting in tune with their system, you will also need to find time to teach them healthy eating habits. When given such an opportunity, you will need to be prepared with creative ways to introduce them to it.

There are as many ways to get this done as there are ways to kill a cat, so to speak. You can play with food, experiment in food decoration and attractive dishes, or you can resort to some good old propaganda – playful videos and books come to mind in this matter. True enough, there is a dearth of media from which your child can pick up healthy eating habits, as well as the benefits of a healthy diet.

Vegetables contain all the nutrients a child needs

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Enter this lady named Valya Boutenko, an author of children’s books. She has recently written books that will teach children how to eat healthy, engaging them and inspiring them to make the learning process fun. These books that she has written simply has a great amount of charm in them that makes them fit to be given as gifts to children who needs to be taught healthy eating in a fun way. In fact, Valya has taken it upon herself to donate this sort of books in schools all over the United States so as to teach more kids healthy dietary lessons. Unfortunately, shipping costs make it hard for her to do so, forcing her to go with this self-imposed mission at a snail’s pace.

Valya is thus offering us an amazing deal to help her out in this. The gist is that if you donate to the Indiegogo campaign that she has started as a way to support her mission, you will get a book – or books if you prefer – that you can give away to your young friends and relatives on special occasions. Not only are you getting gifts that cost you but a dime in comparison to their value, but you will also be preaching the importance of healthy eating habits. Now where, you ask, is your donation going? As already mentioned, that is intended to support her mission; she will donate a book for every book that you have purchased via your donations to a school somewhere in the United States.

Children should be taught the importance of healthy food eating

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Valya’s books are commendable with the fact that she doesn’t have an agenda – or at least an overt one – concerning food that will rustle anyone’s food jimmies. There’s no such thing as dos or don’ts, nor the often politically-laced preaching about GMOs and the like; they simply depict stories that encourage eating fruits and veggies.

In her book I Love Greens, children will learn that all animals, including well-known carnivores like lions, are technically omnivores, eating some form of green plants in one way or another. This is one of those bits of information that will come as a surprise not just to kids, but also to older readers. Others are simply playful like Will You Love Me Still, a story about a girl who loves her pet kitten, and unconditionally at that. Another gem in her collection of writings is the book Gift From Little Bear, where your child will read about a story that shows berries are healthy. These are just a few reasons why we recommend her books to parents and children alike.

Healthy food can actually be made into delicious preparations

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Valya’s books show us that learning about healthy eating can be engaging, fun, and very entertaining. As parents, we can learn from her that teaching about good eating habits doesn’t need to be overly complicated and boring as a result. Teachers, on the other hand, can learn from Valya that you don’t need to touch on complicated issues to teach everyone about the importance of healthy eating. We can simply tie our lessons into a coherent story that our audience – our children, in particular – will find enjoyable.

Make healthy eating a fun experience

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