Top 10 Tips for Running with Baby Strollers |

Top 10 Tips for Running with Baby Strollers

It is a very common fact that women gain some extra pounds during her pregnancy period. But after that, a new mom wants to reduce that weight, but they find it very difficult because they hardly have any time for exercise. You should not think that you will lose your figure just because you were pregnant and you have a baby now. Surely you can regain your pre-pregnancy fitness.

Top 10 Tips for Running With Baby Strollers

The main drawback in this case is a new mom cannot leave her infants and go for exercise. Nowadays, many women leaned toward the running baby stroller because thus they can have some quality time with their babies as well as burn some calories. It is a great way to reduce the extra pounds for the new mom and create a great bonding with her little toddler. Well, as you are running or jogging with the baby, the stroller may have adequate safety measures for your baby. Again, a jogging stroller may be dangerous if it is maneuvered in a wrong way. Today I am going to discuss some precautionary tips for you to keep your baby safe while running.

1. Stroller should have sufficient safety features:

First, determine the way you are following for your exercise. Whether it is trail or road, buy a stroller which suits your requirement and have enough safety precautions.

Stroller should have sufficient safety features in Top 10 Tips for Running With Baby Strollers

2. Slow and Steady:

You are running after a long break and you are running with a stroller for the first time. So, start slowly and steadily so that you can adjust running with the stroller. Start with a quick walk, then eventually jogging and running. Make sure you got the doctor’s clearance for this.

Slow and Steady in Top 10 Tips for Running With Baby Strollers

3. Do not lean:

While running with the stroller, there is a tendency to lean onto it. Keep your backbone straight while running. If you lean towards the stroller, it will affect your back and also make it hard to control the stroller.

Do not lean in Top 10 Tips for Running With Baby Strollers

4. Consider the age:

Do not run with your neonate.. It is recommended to wait until the baby can support his or her neck. Also make sure that the stroller is appropriate for your baby because different stroller has different age guidelines.

5. No Headphone:

If you use a headphone while running, it will increase the safety risk in a great extent. Ditch your headphones, sing to your child and make sure he/she is okay all the time.

No Headphone in Top 10 Tips for Running With Baby Strollers

6. Warm Clothes:

Bring warm clothes for your baby like jacket or blanket. You can keep them in the storage space at the bottom of the stroller while jogging. You are running that’s why you are warm, but your baby may feel cold or feel the breeze. Make sure he or she is warm enough while you are running.

7. Bring some snacks and toys for the toddler:

Before going for a run with your baby, pack some snacks and toys for the child. You can take a break while your baby may enjoy his toy. Again, if he/she gets hungry on the way, you can give him/her a little snack to cover until home.

8. Make sure you have an Umbrella:

While you are running with your baby, you have the great responsibility of his/her safety. Before running, the weather may look pretty warm and smiley but it can precipitate any time. No matter what the weather forecast says always be prepared for something like that. Most of the stroller has a rain cover, so never leave it at home. Again a small umbrella will keep you aloof from the rain, so pack it too.

Make sure you have an Umbrella in Top 10 Tips for Running With Baby Strollers

9. Stretching is important:

Do not just rush into running. Stretch your muscles a little bit to avoid unwanted cramps. Your calves, quadriceps and hamstrings should be warm before running.

Stretching is important in Top 10 Tips for Running With Baby Strollers

10. Enjoy the time:

It is the most important part of running with the stroller. You must enjoy the time while you are having a great time with your baby and getting back into shape. You are not separated from your baby and your child is enjoying the fresh air and fun ride.

Enjoy the time in Top 10 Tips for Running With Baby Strollers

So, get close to nature and have a nice workout. Running with a stroller has a lot of benefits for a new mom. Just take your precaution and have fun with your little prince or princess.

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