Top 5 Signs of Baby Colic That Every Mother Should Be Aware Of |

Top 5 Signs of Baby Colic That Every Mother Should Be Aware Of

When a new baby born in this world, a new parents also get born. They gradually learn the tips and tricks of raising a baby and adept with the situation. When a new baby is born and brought to the home, it is a common scenario that the infant is crying continuously without any reason. It is a very stressful situation for the parents as they feel helpless to overcome this situation.

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What Is Baby Colic?

A baby from the age of 14 days to four months has a tendency to cry frequently and usually it is more than three hours a day. This circumstance is called baby colic. It is a condition with unknown reason as no one knows exactly why baby colic takes place.

what is baby colic - Top 5 Signs of Baby Colic

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Parents always wonder why their baby is crying. Especially the mom becomes anxious about the baby if he or she cries continuously. To overcome this situation, you have to recognize the following five signs to understand if your baby having a colic or not.

Top 5 Signs of Baby Colic:

Crying All Day?

Generally a baby cries only when he or she is facing a problem and requires assistance. The reason can be hunger, boredom, wet and dirty diaper, getting hurt and so on. If you can meet his/her need, the baby will stop crying and stay at peace. But when the baby is under baby colic, no matter what you do, you cannot console him. Parents become frustrated as they cannot find out the problem and the baby continues crying. If you are sure that the baby is in sound condition and still crying, it may the indication of a healthy baby within baby colic period.

crying all day - Top 5 Signs of Baby Colic

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Age Limit:

As I said earlier, baby colic is a signature of a healthy kid whose age is in between 14 days to 120 days. It is very common scenario that, such limitless crying is ceased as soon as the baby reaches his 90 days. Some babies continue this up to their four months. If you see that the baby is crying without any reason after five months, do not hesitate to visit the doctor as there might be something serious going on.

Age Limit - Top 5 Signs of Baby Colic

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Crying Regularly In A Certain Time:

If a baby is suffering from baby colic, you cannot console him with anything in this world. Again, the crying will take place regularly and at a fixed time of the day. The most common scenario of fussiness is late afternoon after a long nap or early evening. Sometime it continues up to dawn. The definition of colic describes itself more perfectly. It is a continuous crying of a baby, which occurs approximately same time in every day and lasts for three or more hours.

Crying Regularly In A Certain Time - Top 5 Signs of Baby Colic

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Crying In A High Tone:

A baby will cry normally, if he is suffering from any problem and need your assistance. But if the baby is suffering from colic period, it will cry at a high pitched tone. Sometime the voice will be so loud and intense that the face of the baby will turn red. Well, you have nothing to do to comfort your infant in this period. It is a habit which will be ceased after four months age. If you are unsure about the situation, it is recommended to take advice from your pediatrician.

Crying In A High Tone - Top 5 Signs of Baby Colic

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Body Language:

Body Language - Top 5 Signs of Baby Colic

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There are few differences between a normal baby crying and a colicky baby crying. If you cannot indicate that your baby is under any fussiness or it is just colicky crying, then you should look for the body language. While a baby is undergoing colic crying, they tend to curve their back, clench their fists, thump in the air and squeeze their belly muscles. Sometimes the baby may pass some gas or move his intestine in the end. Gas is not a proved signature of colicky baby, but it can be an indicator.

Baby colic is surely one of the hardest parts for both the baby and the parent. All you need is to identify the proper signature of baby colic. Please make sure that you do not mix it up with other attention seeking crying of your baby.

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