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Top 5 Ways to Dry up Your Breast Milk Supply

Not every mother is interested in breastfeeding. Some mother decides not to breastfeed and dries up her breast milk supply. The process of drying up her breast milk is called lactation suppression. In some case, mother wants to feed her kid for a certain period of time and then decides to wean the baby. Lactation suppression is a process, which needs around a week to take place. If you undergo this process, the flow of your breast milk will be reduced, but you may notice a small amount of breast milk leakage for a few weeks. Do not worry, after a while it will stop. Physicians do not recommend drugs to dry up your breast milk supply. So, here is some process you should follow to dry up your breast milk supply efficiently:

Featured - Top 5 Ways to Dry up Your Breast Milk Supply

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1. Adequate Pressure and Support:

When you stop feeding your baby, your breast will undergo a new adjusting process. By the time, it will stop production of milk and you need to apply adequate pressure and support on your breasts. It is recommended by children’s health network that when a mother is following lactation suppressions, she must wear a well fitting, comfortable and supportive bra all the times, even at the bed time at night. Previously, women used to bind their breasts with a towel and sometimes with a stretchy bandage to stop milk production. Medical science does not allow such unhygienic process of binding breasts as it may lead to skin diseases, ducts and mastitis.

1 - Top 5 Ways to Dry up Your Breast Milk Supply

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2. Cabbage Leaves Are Useful:

It is proven that cabbage leaves can play a vital role to eradicate the discomfort of your breasts when the milk production is drying up. Pick up fresh and green cabbage leaves. Wash the dirt and dry it in the sun. Keep one leaf on each breast and put on your bra over the cabbage leaves. Cut holes in the leaves and do not a wear bra if you want to keep your nipples dry. 20-30 minutes of therapy are sufficient and then remove it. It is recommended to repeat this procedure several times a day to eliminate your breast discomfort.

2 - Top 5 Ways to Dry up Your Breast Milk Supply

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3. Do Not Stimulate:

When your breast milks are drying up, it is a common scenario that the breasts are being engorged. It is very uncomfortable situation for a mother and she felt the urge to reduce the pressure by manually pressing the breast and leaking some milk. It will destroy all your efforts because expressing milk will stimulate the milk production again. It feels very uncomfortable in this situation but do express milk. It will be better if you avoid the physical contact with your nipples which may also trigger the milk expression and production.

3 - Top 5 Ways to Dry up Your Breast Milk Supply

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4. Sage Tea Is Effective:

According to renowned lactation therapist Kelly Bonyata (founder of Kellymom Website), dried sage or sage tea is pretty effective to dry up breast milks. Do not go for it without a proper prescription. A certified physician will recommend the dosage of saga according to your physical condition. Maximum three times a day is sufficient for drying up milk. Many other species has a negative effect on breast milk production like oregano, parsley, peppermint, jasmine as well as caffeine.

4 - Top 5 Ways to Dry up Your Breast Milk Supply

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5. Apply Some Pain Relief Measure:

The Mayo Clinic website recommend to apply a cold compress on both of the breasts if the mother become uncomfortable, feels pain and swollen. Ice bags can be implied for 15-20 minutes or a segment and the segment should be repeated after every one or two hours. If the process turn worse, counter pain relievers can be used. Keep in mind that, every medicine has some side effect. Keep in touch with your physician if you want to take any medicine without prescription. As your physician knows about your all other medicine, he /she can easily determine whether the medicine is harmful for you or not.

5 - Top 5 Ways to Dry up Your Breast Milk Supply

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Camphor Oil Should Be Avoided:

Usually camphor oil is used to reduce the pain of engorgement when a mother is drying up her breast milk. Nowadays, it is no more valid and this practice is prohibited. Camphor oil is poisonous and it could be devastating if the baby has the habit of occasionally breast feeding. There are many more ways to relieve the pain of lactation suppression, so medical science does not recommend this deadly practice.

Try to stay natural and avoid medicines. Lactation suppression is an uncomfortable period and you need to be cautious about the stimulation. Most importantly, do not use camphor oil in your breasts which may endanger the health of your kid.

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