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Top 5 Ways To Feed Your Fussy Baby

Feeding time is a great period for both the mother and the baby. When a mother feeds her baby, they both enjoy the quality bonding time together. But often it is seen that the baby refuses to open his/her mouth and tears apart. On the other hand, the mother feels disappointed if she cannot feed her baby and this war continues. Your kid can be fussy and refuse to eat for a thousand reasons. If you fail to feed your infant in a normal way, please do not go for a direct frontal combat with the kid. Instead, follow some tips to distract or comfort the baby and feed him peacefully.

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1. Feeding Time:

Don’t feel a bit seedy when you are hungry? The process is same with your baby. When a baby is overly hungry, it is very natural that he/she will cry out loud and will be fussy. Do not let this happen. Feed your baby when he/she is hungry. Sometime the mother sticks to a strict time schedule and if the baby becomes very hungry, the feeding place turn into a battlefield. You should be very cautious and look for the sign to determine if your baby is hungry or not. According to KIDS HEALTH, when the baby move the head side to side, hold the hand to mouth, letting the tongue out, and so on, it indicates that the baby is hungry and should be fed immediately. A newborn baby needs to eat in every 2/3 hours. A little grown up may need to eat in every 3/4 hours. As soon as your kid grows up, he/she will require less frequent eating.

1 - Top 5 Ways To Feed Your Fussy Baby

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2. Feeding Position:

It is very important to make a comfortable atmosphere for the baby before feeding. If he/she feels uncomfortable in the present position, he/she may not consume his/her food. If you cannot feed breast milk to your new born baby, the baby may be in a trapped situation; your breast milk may be overflowing or flowing very slowly according to the baby’s requirement. Change the position of the baby to see how he/she respond to the new position. According to U.S. Department of Agriculture, if you lie down or sit in a reclining position, it may slow down the flow of your breast milk if it is overwhelming for the infant. If the flow is not sufficient, you can massage the breast manually and stimulate your nipples to have a perfect flow of breast milk for the baby. The baby can be fussy if he/she ails to latch on your nipple properly. The American Pregnancy Association recommends an innovative way to achieve the best latch for the baby. In this process, you have to tilt your baby’s head in the back and tickle his/her upper lip with your nipple. Thus, the baby will open the mouth and you will get the best position to feed him/her.

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3. Consider Abdominal Problems:

If your baby is suffering from abdominal disorder, she/he may not be interested in any kind of eating or drinking. It is recommended to rub his/her belly gently before the meal so the discomforting gasses may release. Do not press too much for eating. The USDA suggests the mothers to stop feeding the baby as soon as he/she starts purring. Give him/her some time like 5 minutes and then resume. According to, you have to keep an eye on your baby’s eating procedure so that he/she does not take excess air while drinking. Make sure the baby’s lips are firm around your areola area of the wider part of the bottle nipple.

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4. Change of Diet Plan:

Sometime your baby may start over reacting when you try to feed her breast milk. If the baby was quite previously and now become fussy, that means he/she find some new flavor in your milk and it is very likely to him. Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia came out with their new research where they saw that the spicy food will not create any problem. But if you eat something new that may change your milk and your baby can be fussy about that. Again, the baby can be fussy if you are offering him something, to which the baby is allergic or sensitive. The pediatricians suggest the mother to keep a diary and note down everything you feed the baby. If you are breastfeeding, then note your diet and your baby’s reaction during breast feeding. Eliminate the food from your diet, which made the baby uncomfortable and fussy. If the baby still refuses to eat, consult the pediatrician to determine if the baby is suffering from any food allergies or not. According to HealthyChildren, this food allergy can be rashes, breathing problem, vomit, diarrhea and so on.

4 - Top 5 Ways To Feed Your Fussy Baby

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5. Additional Problems:

There could be thousands of items that can make our baby fussy while you fed him/her. His/her diaper may be wet it need to be changed. The atmosphere may be noisy and very disturbing to the baby. Get him in a quiet room, give his favorite toy in his hand and play a soft music, thus you can soothe him up.

5 - Top 5 Ways To Feed Your Fussy Baby

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Try to maintain the above mentioned points if your newborn baby refuses to your breast milk and become fussy. The babies, who are eating solid food, can also be fussy if they do not like the taste or the way you are feeding them. Try to bring some variation in the food and charming appearance so the baby gets attracted to it.

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